Bilingual Mode of Teaching and Learning ESL Skills in Rural Bengal: A Psycholinguistic Study


  • Animesh Biswas State Aided College Teacher(Category- I,Department of English Dumdum Motijheel College,Kolkata,W.B.


English Language Teaching, Learning Skills, Language Acquisition


Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language has always been a challenging affair for the students of Bengali- medium Government and Government-aided schools in Bengal especially in rural areas. It has been a very problematic and difficult enterprise from the elementary level to the secondary level due to poor infrastructure and lack of adequate trained teachers and above all due to their insufficient amount of exposure to the target language. The kind of methods and techniques employed by the teachers are not in harmony with the requirements and needs of the students. The four basic skills of language (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) have always been affected on account of unavailability of trained teachers and absence of suitable methods and techniques.



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